L-Fields and Matter Under the Influence of Life

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There’s this one guy, he wrote about L- fields. I forgot his name, I think his name is Burr. And his view, his theory, he was saying basically the problem that materialists basically have… One of the main problems is explaining why the matter in the body… it’s like matter’s always entering the body, you know, you eat an apple, for example, matter enters the body and exchanges with other parts and matter leaves the body. But why does it always come out the same basic shape? Why does it keep shape?

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When you eat an apple, why doesn’t a growth come out here instead of here? What is, what is… It’s like there’s a mold there. You know what I mean? It’s like a mold and it’s like you’re pouring matter into this mold. Here’s matter from all different sources, carrots, apples, lettuce, air, water, right? You’re pouring. You’ve got this thing and you’re pouring this matter that has no shape, no form, right, mindless, right? You’re pouring this formless stuff into this mold, that’s molded in a particular way. You know, it’s got a particular mold, like this. You’re taking this formless matter and you’re pouring it into, and it comes out like this. Why, when I take this matter, does it come out like this? Why doesn’t it go like this, or why doesn’t it keep going? (laughter) Right? Why does the body, why does… why does it have shape like this? What’s the mold? There’s got to be some matrix, right? Otherwise, why doesn’t it just keep coming off and, you know, go in all directions. He talks about L-fields, that all living entities, all living organisms have these L-fields that can be detected. That this is another symptom of the presence of life is what he’s saying. Is that the presence of the life particle, (I’m not sure if this is what he’s saying), but the fact is, the presence of the life particle makes it so that when matter enters, it’s like matter comes around this life particle, it takes shape according to that life particle’s presence. And if there’s no one in there, then it doesn’t take that shape. Do you understand this?

Audience: Hhmm.

Jagad Guru: I mean there’s no… there’s no reason why it should take shape like that. That’s why people get real surprised. For example, if they come upon a rock, or something that looks sort of like a man, because they think, “How did that happen by accident?” I mean, you know, Wow! Look at that!” because matter just doesn’t behave like that by itself. And if the matter was changing, you know, if the matter was leaving and still retaining that same shape, the same… There’s still a basic shape there, and it’s retained but the matter is continually changing, you’ve got… these molecules are changing everyday. This body, the body you have today is not the body you had five years ago, and yet it’s still retaining the same shape, the same basic form. It still has form there. How is that? It’s due to the presence of the life, the living being.

Siddhaswarupananda - founder of Science of Identity Foundation