Jagad Guru Speaks - Videos of Jagad Guru Chris Butler

Learn more about your real identity with these insightful excerpts of video lectures by Jagad Guru Chris Butler from TV series Jagad Guru Speaks (Chris Butler speaks):

  1. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - You Are Not the Body (10:12 minutes)
  2. Science of Identity Foundation videos: Materialists Cannot Define Life (09:45 minutes)
  3. Science of Identity Foundation videos:Life Is Not Created from Chemicals (04:30 minutes)
  4. Life Is a Distinct Element from Matter (11:13 minutes)
  5. The Body Is Always Changing (09:40 minutes)
  6. Science of Identity Foundation videos: The Body Is Not Constant, But You Are (06:25 minutes)
  7. Many Bodies Within a Lifetime (01:55 minutes)
  8. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - The Self Exists While the Body Is Changing (01:45 minutes)
  9. Does One Really Exist? (07:38 minutes)
  10. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - Perception: Who and Where Is the Seer? (06:01 minutes)
  11. Is the Perceiver in the Brain? (03:15 minutes)
  12. Perception Takes Place in the Mind, But the Perceiver Is Separate from the Mind (08:59 minutes)
  13. L-Fields and Matter Under the Influence of Life (03:41 minutes)
  14. Matter and Life: The Automobile Analogy (03:38 minutes)
  15. Life Is the Glue Holding DNA and Genes Together (03:44 minutes)
  16. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - Scientists Want to Create That Which They Don’t Understand (04:10 minutes)
  17. The Only Thing Man Does Not Know How to Produce (04:16 minutes)
  18. The Nonmaterial Person Is of Real Value (01:06 minutes)
  19. Science of Identity Foundation videos: The Mind Is a Subtle Material Body (08:41 minutes)
  20. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - Psychology Was Originally the Study of the Soul (03:54 minutes)
  21. Another World View (06:25 minutes)
  22. Awareness, Perception, and Purpose Are Characteristics of the Self (04:01 minutes)
  23. The Life Particle Is Alive, Whereas Matter Is Dead (03:05 minutes)
  24. Jagad Guru Chris Butler - You Have to Exist to Be in the Illusion That You Don’t Exist (01:20 minutes)
  25. Science of Identity Foundation videos:Teaching the Nonexistent (05:27 minutes)
  26. Science of Identity Foundation videos:The Conclusion of Ancient Philosophers (01:22 minutes)