The Conclusion of Ancient Philosophers

Transcript of the video:

So, basically, what the point is that we're coming to understand is that there is no material self in the body made of some molecules or chemicals or whatever, okay? Now the materialists have concluded, therefore, since there's only one energy and there is no material self, there is no material being in the body, somewhere looking out, they have concluded that therefore, there is no self at all. They are the no-self philosophers, okay? But it's so absurd, how can we accept this, you see?

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There's another possibility, however. And it's one which major philosophers throughout history have accepted. And that is that the person himself, the self, you, the perceiver, is not made of the element matter. That there is a fundamental energy or element distinct from matter that exists. There is not just one energy, in other words. But there is two, and the self, you, you are made of an energy other than matter. So, therefore, this is why the self cannot be found.

This is why the self cannot be perceived with the eyes. Or this is why the self continues to exist even though the body keeps changing and so forth.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation