The Nonmaterial Person Is of Real Value

Transcript of the video:

So the value is not the body, the value is in the user of the body. When the user of the body is gone… Professor Flask’s wife - the person he is relating to - leaves the body it’s gone. Right? The person’s gone, the value’s gone. It’s gone, the value’s gone. That which is of value is the person who’s using the body.

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And, when that person leaves, the body is not only worthless, it’s less than worthless. Nobody wants it. Worthless means, “I won’t pay anything for it.” But worse than worthless is, “I got to pay people to get it off my hands.” Okay? Isn’t this right? Isn’t that true? That which is… Marilyn Monroe, the most valuable item, right? “Wow.” Soon as the person left the body, “Yuk.” Isn’t that true? Who can deny it?

The person is what’s of value. And the person is not the body or any part of the body. Because all that stuff is still there. Yet there’s no value there. The person’s gone. Nothing material is gone. This means the person is non-material. It means this non-material person is what is of real value.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation