Jagad Guru Spricht

These are clips from video lectures by Jagad Guru Chris Butler from TV series Jagad Guru Speaks (Chris Butler speaks):

  1. You Are Not the Body (10:12 minutes)
  2. Materialists Cannot Define Life (09:45 minutes)
  3. Life Is Not Created from Chemicals (04:30 minutes)
  4. Life Is a Distinct Element from Matter (11:13 minutes)
  5. The Body Is Always Changing (09:40 minutes)
  6. The Body Is Not Constant, But You Are (06:25 minutes)
  7. Some Intelligent People Don't Have a Brain (01:30 minutes)
  8. Many Bodies Within a Lifetime (01:55 minutes)
  9. The Self Exists While the Body Is Changing (01:45 minutes)
  10. Do You Really Exist? (07:38 minutes)
  11. Perception: Who and Where Is the Seer? (06:01 minutes)
  12. Is the Perceiver in the Brain? (03:15 minutes)
  13. Perception Takes Place in the Mind, But the Perceiver Is Separate from the Mind (08:59 minutes)
  14. L-Fields and Matter Under the Influence of Life (03:41 minutes)
  15. Matter and Life: The Automobile Analogy (03:38 minutes)
  16. Life Is the Glue Holding DNA and Genes Together (03:44 minutes)
  17. Scientists Want to Create That Which They Don’t Understand (04:10 minutes)
  18. The Only Thing Man Does Not Know How to Produce (04:16 minutes)
  19. The Nonmaterial Person Is of Real Value (01:06 minutes)
  20. The Brain Is Not the Mind (08:38 minutes)
  21. The Mind Is a Subtle Material Body (08:41 minutes)
  22. The Brain Is Not the Self, Mind, or Intelligence (03:52 minutes)
  23. Originally, Psychology Was the Study of the Soul (03:54 minutes)
  24. Another World View (06:25 minutes)
  25. Awareness, Perception, and Purpose Are Characteristics of the Self (04:01 minutes)
  26. The Life Particle Is Alive, Whereas Matter Is Dead (03:05 minutes)
  27. You Have to Exist to Be in the Illusion That You Don’t Exist (01:20 minutes)
  28. Teaching the Nonexistent (05:27 minutes)
  29. The Conclusion of Ancient Philosophers (01:22 minutes)